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If 5 or more of these statements ring true for you, then a bookkeeping service would be a great fit for your business:

☐ I value accurate books.

☐ I wish my bookkeeper could do more.

☐ My bookkeeper is also my secretary.

☐ I often have questions my bookkeeper can’t answer, or the answers later turn out to be incomplete or inaccurate.

☐ I would benefit, on occasion, from a skill set higher than the one my bookkeeper has, but I don’t need a full time controller.

☐ I value lower staff turnover.

☐ I value not having to train new staff members.

☐ I would love if my QuickBooks file could be kept up to date, leaving only the most minimal and critical items for me.

☐ I do not want to manage the bookkeeper, or their work.

☐ I would enjoy the flexibility of being able to expand or cut back on the level of services I am getting.

☐ I would love to get rid of all the paper in my office (plus I care about the environment!)

☐ I just tried to enter something to Quickbooks and it drove me crazy for 2 hours! I finally just gave up.

☐ I don’t always go to the cheapest mechanic – I go to the one that’s reliable and I know will get the job done right!

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